A Groundbreaking Formulation That Enhances Your Health at the Cellular Level. 

MMF (Maximum Micronutrient Formula) is the ONLY supplement on the market today that reduces oxidative stress and inflammation through a scientifically proven three-pronged approach. Since oxidative stress and inflammation are the precursors of most modern health complaints, MMF helps you achieve the healtheiest version of yourself at every stage of life. 

When you take MMF on a daily basis, you:
1. Sleep Better    2. Have more natural energy     3. Experience increased mental clarity     4. Move with improved ease     5. Gain an overall sense of well-being     

MMF Introduction video
How Does MMF Work?

MMF reduces oxidative stress and inflammation through a revolutionary process that attacks these precursors to most modern health issues in three ways. MMF's patent-protected formula: 1.) ACTIVATES the body's cellular defense and repair mechanisms; 2.) INCREASES the health and life of the body's cells; and, 3.) REPLENISHES antioxidant levels to reduce or prevent oxidative damage. 


Two Great Options
MMF is available in two efficacious delivery systems; a completely natural capsule or a convenient stick pack that, when added to water, becomes a great tasting citrus-flavored drink. 

Our Science Sets Us Apart. Validated by millions of dollars of research, MMF is scientifically proven to enhance the body's performance by protecting and repairing it at a cellular level. 

Developed by World Renowned Researcher
MMF was formulated by renowned researcher Kedar N. Prasad, PhD. MMF represents the culmination of Dr. Prasad's life's work to develop a supplement offering the optimal mix of micronutrients to support the health of your body at a cellular level.